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VendorINTEL™ - Frequently Asked Questions

 How does VendorINTEL™ differ from VendorINSIGHT®?

VendorINTEL™ is a value-based system designed for small banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and other industries that need a simple but effective vendor management system to manage their vendor relationships, risk and performance. VendorINTEL™ uses the same leading technology as VendorINSIGHT® but is configured to be user-friendly and focused on the cost-conscious company who needs the essential features without the more advanced workflow features and outsourced assistance with program administration.

 Are any due diligence services included or offered?

Yes. You can select from a full range of optional vendor due diligence reports and review services and you can adjust your list of vendors or the types of reports you get at any time. Financial reviews, SSAE18/SOC2 control audit reviews, BCP/DR test reviews, Information Security reviews, OFAC checks, social media monitoring and customer complaint monitoring services are available. Each report is priced individually but if you need to play catch up or need a lot of reviews completed for a group of vendors, we can bundle the reports and services into an economical package to give you exceptional value.

 What does it cost?

VendorINTEL™ has been attractively priced with packages starting at $4,900 annually.

 What industries are suited for VendorINTEL™?

VendorINTEL™ was designed specifically for banking institutions because that industry has the most stringent requirements and regulatory issues which makes VendorINTEL™ ideal for any other industry that needs good monitoring, recordkeeping, management and oversight of its suppliers.

 What government regulations does VendorINTEL™ comply with?

VendorINTEL™ complies with all of the known federal regulatory guidance for vendor risk management and comes with a 100% compliance guarantee.

 Can I register online and begin using the system today?

Yes. We have developed an easy-to-use, online registration process. Once you establish a free account and we verify you are a legitimate customer you can view detailed product demonstration demos, review our due diligence documentation, and sign up for a service plan. When your VendorINTEL™ system becomes active, we are your first vendor and all of the documentation you reviewed will appear in the system!

 Can VendorINTEL™ be customized?

Yes. VendorINTEL™ offers industry-leading, best-practices templates for a multitude of assessments and forms but each template is fully customizable so you can modify it to meet any unique requirements your company may have.

 Does VendorINTEL™ provide any outsourcing services or could you manage our Vendor Management Department?

VendorINTEL® and VendorINSIGHT® offer turnkey outsourced VRM Services. We can manage certain portions of your program or manage the entire program for you and provide reporting to your board or management. Our highly skilled, dedicated paralegals and Vendor Program Administrators ensure that your vendor risk management program is fully compliant and runs smoothly.

 Is VendorINTEL™ Software as a Service (SAAS) based or is it in-house software that I need to install?

VendorINTEL™ is a web-based SAAS and runs on our state of the art servers in fully redundant data centers. VendorINTEL™ is accessed over the internet through your web browser.

 Are there any user or data limits?

There are no user or data limits with VendorINTEL™; however there are limits to the number of vendor records you can maintain in VendorINTEL™.

 Is there an automatic notification and alerting system?

Yes, VendorINTEL™ offers advanced reporting and also provides advanced Dashboards where users can see outstanding action and items at a glance.

 Can I restrict access to the system by user credentials?

Yes, VendorINTEL™ provides a variety of role-based security credentials that can be tailored to suit your user access policy.

 Is reporting included?

Yes, VendorINTEL™ offers hundreds of pre-configured reports and an easy-to-use, advanced report configurator so you can generate your own reports if desired. User dashboards and administrator dashboards make it easy for users to see what action items and tasks require their attention.